About Me

I am forever a writer-in-progress working to examine the world through different scopes and lenses, perhaps finding ways to heal my heart and those of others in the process. I harbor a deep desire to share my lived experiences with others and form authentic connections. This blog serves as one of my attempts to creatively communicate with other people I might not have the opportunity to meet in physical spaces. It is my hope that this space will help me to better develop my voice as a writer and as a social scientist while I work towards finishing my first degrees in sociology and neuroscience.

I do not provide professional services in relation to healthcare or any field of ethics. I am informed only by my studies thus far- largely pertaining to social work, systems of oppression, and epidemiology theories surrounding trauma- combined with my own lived experiences as a chronically ill patient inside the United States healthcare system. I am no stranger to being my own advocate in times of trauma and distress; sometimes I find it helpful to write and reflect upon those times, as I am able. I believe it is essential to our collective healing for each of us to understand that we are not alone in our suffering or in our meaning-making. I study ethics of care extensively and support progressive feminist theories of compassion and intersectionality.

I am here as an exercise in presenting myself as transparently as possible, to recount stories and share reflections, and to express calls to action as I bear witness to a nation and world divided.

Most importantly of all, I am here to let you, dear reader, know that you are never alone.
I believe there are times when it is all about the journey to tomorrow. It’s okay to take each day one step at a time (and to occasionally write in cliches). If you need it, here is your reminder: It is okay to be here. To take up space. To exist. To be. Let’s find a way to make something beautiful out of this time here, whatever that may mean.

Thank you for stopping by.

If you wish to contact me for any reason, please visit my “Contact Me” page.

Morgan Michelle